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{WeB} WolfEuroBrigade

Postby {WeB}*DoG* » 13. Sep 2017, 21:41

Hi there just thought I would make an intro post where all our guys that sign up here can drop by and introduce themselves. {WeB} have been around through various games for about 15 years Formed by myself and Gangsta in the dim and distant past, multiple games a plethora of Members over the years, but always orienteted around team based WWII games. We have mappers modders modellers retexturers musicians voice artists and general artists amongst our number and would love to be involved any questions feel free to ask we have a website a TS channel a youtube channel and a facebook page. All the very best Dogster

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Re: {WeB} WolfEuroBrigade

Postby Stefan » 14. Sep 2017, 22:06

Hello Dog! It's great to see new faces taking an interest in RnL :) Especially a group of people that are dedicated enough to stick together for such a long time. I'll make sure to activate the guys shortly after they register and then get in touch with you soon about setting up the testing.

We're looking forward to having you around in the tests 8-)

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