Resistance and Liberation – or the project that got lost in time

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Resistance and Liberation – or the project that got lost in time

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It took a while, but we finally checked this page again and to our surprise we found quite a few of you still hanging around, commenting and looking for news.

Now if you believe that our last attempt at reviving this project has failed, you've guessed right. I won't go into the details too much, but one of the reasons for it was simply a lack of interest. We couldn't gain any momentum and recruit enough people to help us out and make it happen, so it went dormant. In the meantime our website, which was hosted by a sponsor for years has shut down, the forums are gone and the domain is now with a Chinese domain grabber.

Still, there's a few small things in the works internally as well as externally. And seeing people writing here as well as having a steady stream of page impressions here every day makes us believe that there's still an interest in seeing this project move forward.

So what could happen next? If you've recently worked with a state-of-the-art engine like Unity or UE4, you can probably guess that we have no intention to work with Source again. That leaves us with the option to reboot Resistance and Liberation on a modern engine and with a fresh team, so we can finally achieve what we planned to do years ago. I believe with the tools available today and if we manage to find people who are as dedicated to making games in their spare time as we are, this will be a lot easier than it was ten years ago.

But if we want to pull this off, we will need your support! So let us know if you want Resistance and Liberation to rise again and if you happen to look for ways to make use of your afternoons and evenings or want to fill your portfolio with some kickass art work, drop me a message.

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