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Resistance and Liberation: Status update

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Dear community After posting the last news update we've been quite busy and to be fair, several weeks before we posted it as well. Today we want to show you a little update, to give you some insight what we've been working on and where the project will be headed

You've probably already seen that we've started bringing back some life into our Steam community group, added a brand new logo and now, in today's update you'll see four things:
  1. Our engine of choice, that will replace Source: Unreal Engine 4
  1. The status of our first already playable level: La Fiere
  1. The new implementation of the free aim feature
  1. The come back of the in-game overview map

As to the status of our team, we're slowly growing with two coders, two level designers, one 3D artist and me being active at the moment. Still, we're looking for people who want to help us out, so if you believe you're up to the task, drop me a message. We're mainly looking for:

  1. Artists, to cover weapons, level assets, vegetation and vehicles
  1. Level designers, to re-create the most popular levels and make new ones
  1. 2D artists to create menus and interfaces as well as textures
  1. Sound designers, to cover anything from foley, weapon sounds and ambient audio

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