The 8th Jekotian Infantry Corps

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The 8th Jekotian Infantry Corps

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Work in Progress


For Jekotia We March.

The 8th Infantry Corps is a Sci-Fi clan for RnL.

Why Sci-Fi?:
I wanted to do a Sci-Fi clan because there has been hundreds of units based upon real regiments/battalions, I wanted to spice things up a bit.

What is Jekotia?:
Jekotia is a made-up Nation based upon a Slavic culture with equally Slavic accents.

i have X question but it isn't answered!:
Feel free to ask below.

Basic Structure:
Squads of 10 (8 infantry, 2 NCO's, one leads other is assistant leader)
Platoons of 33 men (3 squads, 1 senior NCO, 1 Officer, 1 sniper)
Company of 102 men (3 platoons, 1 Senior Officer, 1 Executive Officer, 1 Senior NCO,) (subject to change)

Potential Roles outside of Combat
Enlistment Liaison
Head of Enlistment corps.
Training Instructor
Assistant Trainer
Attendance Adjutant
Senior Attendance Adjutant
Platoon Clerk
Company Clerk
Discipline Adjutant
Senior Discipline Adjutant
Head of Adjutant Corps
Head of Logistical Corps
More to come.

Potential Combat Roles:
Machine Gunner
Automatic Rifleman
Designated Marksman
Sub-Machine Gunner

Current Known Ranks (more ranks will be added as the clan grows)

Private - Pvt.
Private, First Class - Pfc.
Grenadier - Grn.
Specialist - Spc.

Technician: (These ranks are equivalent to an NCO but do not have to power of the rank, the deserve respect and normally have this rank because they have done a lot for the unit) (they're ranks are pronounced as their equivalent but are written as below.)

Technician Fifth Grade - T/5 - Equivalent to L/Cpl.
Technician Fourth Grade - T/4 - Equivalent to Cpl.
Technician Third Grade - T/3 - Equivalent to Sgt.
Technician Second Grade - T/2 - Equivalent to SSgt.
Technician First Grade - T/1 - Equivalent to FSgt.

Non-commissioned Officer:
Lance Corporal - L/Cpl.
Corporal - Cpl.
Sergeant - Sgt.
Staff Sergeant - SSgt.
First Sergeant - FSgt.

Second Lieutenant - 2Lt.
First Lieutenant - Lt.
Captain - Cpt.
Major - Mjr.

Known company names we will use
1st Company - Gamma Company
2nd Company - Echo Company

More to come soon!.

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Re: The 8th Jekotian Infantry Corps

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Looks like the only scifi clan like is the name.

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Re: The 8th Jekotian Infantry Corps

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And its background / lore but yes that's pretty much it.

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