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Posted: 17. Aug 2016, 14:49
by Snuffeldjuret
Hello there folks!

Excited about an RnL in the future =).

Re: Hello

Posted: 17. Aug 2016, 15:09
by Stefan
Hey Snuffeldjuret

So are we :D

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Posted: 18. Aug 2016, 22:31
by RickysCoffey
Hello darkness, my old friend, ;-; jk. Hi.

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Posted: 19. Aug 2016, 17:17
by TimothyTheAdventurer

Liking the new forum guys? Still a little bit calm in here :)

What brought you all here? :D

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Posted: 24. Aug 2016, 01:46
by Snuffeldjuret
I still have a vivid memory of trying out RnL for the first time. Spawned as axis rifleman on Eglise. Found myself to the church, struggling with the controls etc. Impressed with the authentic feeling, I really liked how it actually felt like I had a weapon in my hands. Got shot before I got a chance to fire at someone though :D.

That brought me hundreds of hours of RnL and also here :D.

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Posted: 24. Aug 2016, 13:25
by Tottel

You definitely turned into a killing machine later on. ;)

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Posted: 24. Aug 2016, 16:24
by Stefan
Got shot before I got a chance to fire at someone though :D.
Still happens to me every now and then. Never saw the guy killing me coming.

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Posted: 27. Aug 2016, 14:33
by 3dBoy
Well, RnL forum without its most obcessive fan Snuffeldjuret is not RnL forum anymore...

Hello, everyone, by the way.

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Posted: 28. Aug 2016, 15:27
by Pendragon
Hello All.

Its great to see a lot of old friends and dedicated RnL community members

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Posted: 23. Dec 2018, 00:07
by Miraia
Heyo everyone!
I'm still checking week by week what's going on with RnL..
anyone of you is helping out doing stuff for this mod without that big exp?

and btw. what about discord?

(sorry for my lack of english skills :P)

~Greetz from Germany