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Map Making Thread

Posted: 15. Sep 2017, 06:01
by Modtools
Hey GUys,
i am Modtools also a member of the {WeB} Community.
I am a passionated mapmaker and modder familar with the Unreal, a bit the Cryengine and Source Engine.
However i dont know if i told Stefen already, i am really interested in creating maps for RNL.

I have some concepts over here already tested in other games, that could work here too.
I do this on a freetime basis without any money involved, only for fun :)

Gz Martin aka Modtools

Re: Map Making Thread

Posted: 15. Sep 2017, 13:39
by Newty
Hey Modtools!

Great to hear, as a Level Designer myself would love to get in contact to find out more about your concepts :D I also do it as a hobby, no money involved!


Re: Map Making Thread

Posted: 15. Sep 2017, 23:36
by Stefan
I am quite exited to see custom maps covering scenarios that are beyond the paratrooper scope at some point :) Hope we get to ship the editor with the game without too much license hassle.

Re: Map Making Thread

Posted: 16. Nov 2018, 19:54
by Modtools
back again after long time :)
Hope to get helpful.